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Part 2 - how to get the best experience from a photobooth adelaide south australia

How to get the very best out of your photobooth hire - Part 2!

Photobooths have become an essential element of any event, adding fun and memorable moments for guests to cherish and laugh about later. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, engagement party or corporate event, a photobooth can elevate the overall experience. However, to ensure you get the best value out of your photobooth hire with us here at SA Boutique Photobooths, here is Part 2 out of a 2 stage series that includes 12 strategies you can employ. Here are the last 6 tips to help you maximize your photobooth experience:

Communication is Key

Clearly communicate with us your event theme, color scheme, if you have hired any other entertainment we need to be mindful of, are you having glitter cannons that may cover our photobooth at some stage? Is your grandma going to be doing a duet with the MC and they need us to be quiet for a certain time? you get the drift… Just make sure you tell us so we can work seamlessly with you to get the best out of your photobooth hire with us. This helps us prepare custom backdrops, props, design your custom photo template and get staff prepared so that your experience with us is tailored to your event, ensuring everything is Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

Customization Options

Take advantage of what customization options we offer. Here at SA Boutique Photobooths – we offer a LOT! From personalised props to branded photo print outs, incorporating unique elements adds a special touch to your event and makes the experience more memorable for guests. Have a certain event or wedding hashtag? We can include that on our welcome screen or photo print out so your guests know to post and include that hashtag. Have a certain theme? Tell us and we can source appropriate props or include your own. Need South Australia or Adelaide flora or fauna as your theme? We can totally bring some Adelaide or South Australian flair!!

Capture Memories Beyond Prints

Consider the options we provide for digital photo sharing like our online galleries, instant GIF download and digital photo download. This allows guests to access and download their photos digitally, extending the enjoyment of the event beyond the printed photos. Use the technology to your advantage and give your guests the gift of a high quality digital photo they can also print out at a later date. Let your guests know on the night that a digital copy of the photos will be provided to them if they need copies. We will also tell guests that to ensure they get the most out of their photobooth experience with us but it’s also great coming from someone they know.

Employee Recognition

If utilising our photobooth for a corporate event – use the photobooth as a platform for employee recognition and appreciation. Create a custom photo template, welcome screen or signage featuring employee achievements, milestones, or awards, and encourage attendees to celebrate and share these moments during the event using hashtags, company slogans or we can give them merchandise supplied beforehand if they tick all the social sharing boxes or requirements. This also ensures your employees get the very best out of your photobooth hire with us.

Vendor Collaboration

Foster collaboration between us as your photobooth supplier and the other vendors you have hired for your event, such as event planners, decorators, or caterers. This ensures cohesive coordination and integration of the photobooth into the overall event design and guest experience. We can work with your photographer to get the best photobooth photos of your guests having fun in front of it, we can work with your stylist to have certain key floral elements positioned on our booth or key signage implemented, we can work with your caterers to ensure guests are seated on time for meal prep and serving. As a combined vendor team, we can champion your event and make it totally epic!

Feedback and Reviews

After the event, provide constructive feedback to us. Let us know what aspects you loved and areas for improvement. Positive reviews and referrals can help us enhance our services and grow our business while ensuring future clients receive exceptional experiences. We love google reviews, video testimonials, sharing your print outs on Instagram and tagging us after the event, telling all your mates and just generally leaving us with good and happy vibes! It also helps other people see how satisfied you were with us and helps people trust your judgement, planning and overall choices.


A photobooth can be a highlight of any event, providing entertainment, laughter, and lasting memories for all involved. By implementing these six tips, you can ensure that your photobooth hire in Adelaide delivers the best possible value, leaving you with a collection of priceless moments to treasure for years to come. So, get ready to drink, dance, photobooth and repeat and capture the magic of your special occasion with us!

Curious to see the fun and excitement our photobooth brings to events? Head over to our Instagram page @saboutiquephotobooths to catch a glimpse of the unforgettable moments captured by our photobooth here in Adelaide – South Australia! From corporate gatherings to weddings and parties, you will find a collection of funny and insightful reels, photobooth tips, tricks and hacks and keep up to date with photobooth life in our Instagram stories.