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About SA Boutique Photobooths Adelaide

Check out our beautiful floral asset which makes a beautiful addition to the SA Boutique Photobooths logo.

SA Boutique Photobooths Adelaide was created in 2019 after wedding photographers Russell and Diana from DianaM Photography, decided to expand their business to include three gorgeous photobooths – Marilyn, Betty and Audrey! 

Diana decided to take a chance on a second-hand photbooth and they have never looked back. Diana and Russ take pride in the memories they help people create which are totally different to those created by traditional wedding photography. SA Boutique Photobooths events are full of giggles, childish behaviour, OMG moments but also moments where people feel more comfortable in front of a photobooth than a photographer – which Russ and Diana LOVE!

A photo of the wondrful duo behind SA Boutique Photobooths Adelaide.
Bright and colourful photo of wonderful brains behind SA Boutique Photobooths Adelaide.
At SA Boutique Photobooths, the aim is to give people high quality, high resolution and sharp photos which is achieved using professional camera’s (not Ipad’s or Iphone’s), lighting, and equipment. Russ and Diana bring years of experience in photography which clearly shines through to the Photobooths resulting in photos that people comment are sharp, and crisp with true life colours and depth. The photos are also able to be enlarged to be placed in a frame, not just kept on a phone due to low quality. Both Russ and Diana love being behind the photobooths, and the attendant that comes along with the photobooth will depend on which one you book. Diana brings her colourful personality to any event with Audrey and Betty, and Russ brings his dry humour and dad jokes to any event that book Marilyn. 

On a personal note, Diana and Russ are parents to their number one little man Xavier and their Great Dane cross named Romeo (along with an assortment of fish and chickens, plus any other animal Diana can “rescue”). When they aren’t having fun at all of your amazing events, they love exploring their home state of South Australia. 

Diana is an avid surfer, gardener, creative soul and active member of the South Australian business community. Russ dedicates his time to volunteering in his local SES unit, loves country music and traveling the big wide world. They hope to one day include Xavier in the business and know he would bring a whole new level of fun, and enjoyment.

Gorgeous photo of Diana, Russ and their son who they hope one day will be apart of their business SA Boutique Photobooths Adelaide.

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