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How to get the very best out of my photobooth hire

How to get the very best out of my photobooth hire Part 1!

Photobooths have become an essential element of any event, adding fun and memorable moments for guests to cherish and laugh about later. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, engagement party or corporate event, a photobooth can elevate the overall experience. However, to ensure you get the best value out of your photobooth hire with us here at SA Boutique Photobooths, here is Part 1 out of a 2 stage series that includes 12 strategies you can employ. Here are the first 6 tips to help you maximize your photobooth experience:


Coordinate with Your DJ/MC

One of the most effective ways to ensure your photobooth gets ample attention is by coordinating with your DJ or MC. Ahead of the event, have a conversation with them and kindly request that they incorporate announcements about the photobooth into their welcome speech and throughout the event. This will help remind guests to take advantage of the photobooth and capture some memorable moments. We also work in with your DJ/MC during the night to remind them of the announcements also. We also have a quick dance on the dance floor whilst we are there too (just don’t laugh at us)


Lead by Example

As the host of the event, your actions set the tone for your guests. By actively participating in the photobooth experience, you demonstrate to your guests that it’s not only acceptable but encouraged to join in the fun. So, don’t hesitate to lead by example and show your guests how it’s done. Grab a few friends, your groom, bride or family members, strike a pose, show off that wedding dress, fancy suit or party dress and let the good times roll! You are the centre of attention!


Guiding Guests to the Guest Book

Your DJ or MC plays a crucial role in keeping the energy high and ensuring that all aspects of your event are highlighted. By getting them to announce the presence of the guest book and its location (usually near the photobooth), you’re effectively guiding guests to this interactive and sentimental feature.

This announcement serves as a friendly reminder for guests to swing by the photobooth, snap some photos, and leave their mark in the guest book. But why stop there? Encourage your DJ or MC to add a personal touch to their announcement. Whether it’s sharing a heartfelt message about the significance of the guest book or injecting some humor to lighten the mood, their words can inspire guests to actively engage with this special keepsake.

By leveraging the presence of your DJ or MC, you’re not only drawing attention to the photobooth guest book but also creating a seamless flow of activities throughout your event. So, when the time comes for guests to flip through the pages of the guest book and relive the memories captured in the photobooth, they’ll thank you for providing such a thoughtful and unforgettable experience. We provide a personalised guest book with EVERY booking, so all the tips above help us hand you back a full book by the end of the night!


Utilise the Audio Guest Book

At your corporate event, wedding, or party, make sure to leverage our unique audio guest book feature. Get your DJ or MC to announce its presence, explain how it works, and assure guests that the photobooth attendant will assist if needed. We always ensure the audio guest book is conveniently located near the photobooth to encourage its use throughout the night. This interactive feature adds a personalised touch to your event, allowing guests to leave heartfelt messages alongside their photos. We also include all the signage near the audio guest book, so your guests have that extra help in knowing how to use it. Our audio guest book is bright fiery red and we’ve named it of course! Her name is Scarlett!


Enhance Visibility with Bright Neon’s and Signage

While our photobooths come with a choice of bright, modern and trending neon’s to attract guests, sometimes we may be tucked away in a corner. To ensure maximum visibility, consider placing extra signage directing wedding or party guests to our location. This simple addition ensures that no guest misses out on the opportunity to capture fun moments in the photobooth. Whether it’s a sleek corporate event or a lively wedding celebration, enhancing visibility ensures everyone can partake in the photobooth experience.


Create Photobooth Challenges with Unique Props

Make your photobooth experience even more engaging by incorporating a fun challenge for guests. Place a unique prop on each guest’s table and encourage them to use it in the photobooth throughout the night. This not only prompts guests to visit the photobooth but also adds an element of excitement and creativity to the experience. Whether it’s a quirky hat, funky glasses, or playful signs (it could even be a fork!), these unique props spark laughter and memorable moments that guests will cherish.


A photobooth can be a highlight of any event, providing entertainment, laughter, and lasting memories for all involved. By implementing these six tips, you can ensure that your photobooth hire in Adelaide delivers the best possible value, leaving you with a collection of priceless moments to treasure for years to come. So, get ready to drink, dance, photobooth and repeat and capture the magic of your special occasion with us!

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