Do you love looking at yourself in the mirror?

If you do then you will love our Mirror!

Here are some facts about our Mirror Photobooth….

Fact 1#

Our mirror has a fully integrated user friendly touch screen. That means that you can touch the screen to work all the functions used to take that beautiful photo of you and you don’t have to feel bad about all the fingerprints left behind!

Fact 2#

Our Mirror produces luxurious DSLR quality photos! All photos are taken with a professional DSLR camera and not a point and shoot cheap quality camera. This means you will get to take home professionally taken photos!

Fact 3#

Your photo artwork can be customised to suit your event. Love Pineapples? Going to have a pineapple theme for your wedding or Party? No problem! We can customise your photo template to feature Pineapples! Pineapples galore! Being serious though… you tell us what you are after and we can accommodate, so when the mirror takes your photo, it will ensure that you get a printed photo that can include names, dates and custom graphics, including corporate logos.

Fact 4#

Our mirror doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s sleek and elegant design means you can literally stick us in a corner and we’ll be fine! The mirror doesn’t look like a full 10 piece band and have lots of cords coming out of it and going everywhere. All we require is 1 single Power point! If we can get a double power point then we will be extra happy! All the power leads and the fancy stuff that makes the mirror work is all built in so it maintains it’s sleek and simplistic look. All we require is a 5 x 6 metre space to make the magic happen!

Fact 5#

Our mirror can print photos faster than superman can change his clothes. The printer that comes with our mirror is a professional quality printer and not one that you can buy at Kmart. It prints photos fast and we can provide 2 copies of the fantastic pose you just did with your posse in front of the mirror. Photos are printed out in 6 x 2 inch strips and that means you keep one and the other one goes into the guest book for the beautiful host to treasure (and laugh at) forever!